How it works

With Relay you can sell to US customers easily & quickly

It's as easy as 1,2,3

Upload your product details

You can upload your product details to our web app.

Send your products to us

We provide local (same country) details for you to ship inventory to. We export your products to the US.

We take it from here

We handle importing, selling, fulfillment, customer service, tax remittance + more. We disburse payments payments to you.

Upload your product details using our software

Using our software, you'll upload a file that contains key product information. This is crucial so that we have enough information to build listings for your products

We list your products on 5 eCommerce channels in the US, eBay, Bonanza, Wish & Etsy (if applicable) are available. Walmart coming soon

Send inventory to our local warehouse partner

We provide local (same country) details for you to ship inventory to. We export your products to the US.

We import your inventory to the US

We partner with shipping carriers to provide deeply discounted transportation rates up to 70% off. We handle customs clearance and importing.

Your inventory becomes available to purchase

Your inventory enters into our US fulfillment network. We'll allocate some inventory to Amazon FBA if you choose Amazon as a selling option

Your items are automatically fulfilled when orders come in

We also provide customer service & sales tax collection and compliance everywhere we sell

You get paid

We pay you in either your local currency using PayPal or USD at your discretion. We pay out bi-weekly.

We do the heavy lifting (in the background)

Focus on what you're good at - leave the tedious work to us

Sales Tax calculation, collection & remittance

We ensure that you're sales tax compliant in every US state and territory. We'll report and remit sales tax on up to 48 jurisdictions for you - so that you don't have to

Optimized Fulfillment

Our fulfillment network software optimizes your product placement and drives affordability for you


Our fulfillment network can provide your customers with 2 day or even next day shipping options
Cost effective
Great Service

You're in control via our dashboard

You see everything that happens

You're in control

You make the decision about what to sell, where and at what price. You can always change your selections.

Easy Reporting

See how products are performing with analytics on your data.